The Art of Spirituality…. Shriji and Hariji

Hello, friends!

After a long time, I’m getting back into doing more (what I like to call) temple art or spiritual artworks.

Here is my most recent piece in the endeavor! (I teased it on my Instagram page, but here is the full version! It’s also in my illustration portfolio now)

Hari-ji (left) and Shri-ji (right)

A little fun fact: It’s a tradition to call Their Lordships as Hari-ji and Shri-ji out of respect, and to always mention Shri-ji first when mentioning Their names.

Personally, I love how this piece turned out, especially Their expressions! I also loved experimenting with the flowers and pearl garlands, especially giving that shiny effect to the pearls. The little detail of including a peek of Shri-ji’s Lotus Feet was also something I enjoying drawing! (Since She is the Queen of all queens, it’s generally a custom to not reveal much of Her Lotus Feet, either in temples where She is a presiding deity, or in artworks. It is out of respect for Her that it is the custom)

Shri-ji’s inviting hand gesture was inspired by my trip a few years ago to Vishnu-Priya Mandir in Navadveep, near Calcutta, India. There, the presiding deity is Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and He has His arms wide open, ready for embracing His devotees. The atmosphere and His peaceful expression with His inviting gesture definitely had a lasting impact on me and I love including this inviting gesture in my temple artworks whenever possible.

It was just so relaxing to work on this piece and I sincerely hope I get to do more pieces like this in the future, along side my other Indian inspired artworks!

I hope you enjoy this piece as well and I’ll see you here soon enough with other artwork stories!

Peace ^.^