Teaser – Library Cafe


I’ve been busy working on some larger pieces now and I finally finished one of them! Here is a teaser to my artwork: Library Cafe! You can find the full piece in my portfolio.

For a long time now, I’ve been meaning to work on improving my background drawing skills and after a few practice sketches, I decided to go big! In the artwork, I also got to flesh out my original characters within the cafe setting. I’ll be doing features and profiles for each one of them soon!

I also included an easter egg….my art username! I decided that I’ll name the cafe The Inky Chai Dragon: Library Cafe. It sounded nice and had that little personal touch to it.

Art wise, I am so happy about how this piece turned out! I learned how to do color-to-transparent gradients on the art software I’m using and also how to make realistic window lighting. It was also a good composition and perspective exercise practice for me as this is one of the few times I have done a large spread illustration. Painting in all the desserts was super frustrating and it’s not because of the detailing….I got hungry thinking of desserts the whole time! In the end, not only did I learn a lot, I realized how much I enjoyed doing backgrounds, a thing which I’ve been hesitant about for the longest time.

I hope you enjoy this little tease (and of course the full illustration)! I can’t wait to share more of the art I’m working on with you all soon!

Peace ^.^