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Studio Space: A Quick Look


So it was recently share your studio space day (according to Instagram trends) and of course, me being fashionably late to these things, I decided to join in show you my studio space!

Here it is in all its glory:

It’s nothing that impressing honestly. Just a laptop (Macbook Pro 2014), my XP-Pen 16 Artist Pro (that I got only a few months back) and a bunch of sketchbooks in the wall shelf in the back. And of course, all those wires in the far back to keep my electronics up and running.

I am but a simple person 🙂

Also, I think the room I have right now has the worst camera lighting (if it wasn’t obvious enough) since it’s a tube light and it’s on only one side of the room. It’s perfect for non-camera stuff though and doesn’t hurt my eyes so I guess that’s a good payoff? (Sure, why not)

So, yeah, that’s my humble little studio space where I create my stuff. Hope you liked this extremely short tour of my workspace!

Peace ^.^