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#SixFanarts Challenge: Part 1 – The Ladies of Anime

Heya! And woohoo! I’m not super late to a drawing challenge! (^o^)

Currently, as of posting this, there is a fun drawing challenge going on Twitter and Instagram where you draw fan art for six characters and you post them using the template! (Kind of like a fan art meets draw-this-in-your-style challenge)

The trend and template was created by @mcapriglioneart on Twitter.

Here is part one of my contribution to the challenge!

Of course, it’s ladies first! And the next one will be for all the guys of anime!

I’m really happy with how this turned out! Especially Yosano and Yotsuba, since this is my first time drawing them!

I have to say, challenges like these make me realize just how tough it is to pick out your favorites when there are so many!!! (I mean, there are so many strong anime women out there, like Balsa – Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit; practically all the women characters in Studio Ghibli films; and Izumi, Winry and Olivera from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, just to name a few!)

Also, I may have gone overboard because of how tough it is to pick favorites and now have five more sets I want to do (which comes to 30 more characters!)…. Yeah, it’s going to take a while to post them all, ahahahaha (^.^)”

Hope you liked my fan arts of these lovely ladies and I’ll see you soon with more!

Peace ^.^