Redrawing Old Art! – Lotus on the Water


Redrawing Old Art – Lotus on the Water (2018 vs. 2014)

Hello! I was facing an art block in the past week and a half and, boy, was it a creative slump! I felt terrible and exhausted. But, I decided to combat it with a redraw I was planning on doing at some point of my old art from 2014. Honestly, 2014 was when I actually started taking my art seriously, so it was fun to see how much I’ve improved and how long I’ve come since then.

And here it is! The redrawn version (above picture)!

What did the old version look like, you ask? Here is the old one (down below)….


Isn’t that a heck of a stark contrast?! I was super happy and excited to see the progress I’ve made in the last 4 years! Here are some of the differences I’ve noticed and my process with creating the new version.

The old version is one I did traditionally with coffee, graphite and water color. The new one is fully digital. Also, when planning out the new one, I had to use a lot of reference photos to get the anatomy right since I knew the old one had all sorts of wrong when it came to that. (There is also the perspective issue with the old one…heck, I’m just roasting myself on my old art at this point). I still struggle with anatomy a bit these days but I am definitely learning where I am making those mistakes and trying to correct it!

As a little aside, I know that when I was just starting out with art, I thought using references were bad and I had the notion that all poses should come straight from my head. That isn’t the case though! References are a really good way to improve art and get those proportions and perspective right. (Note: Referencing does not mean copying!) Now I use references to make sure any poses that I come up with are proportioned and correct. Yay for referencing!

Color was something I knew I actively avoided for the longest time. I always stuck with minimal coloring (as is evident in my old art) or just went full blast with graphite. This time around, I didn’t want to do that since I am also honing up my coloring skills! And, that’s also partly why I decided to make the new version fully digital (traditional media for colors ain’t cheap, ya know…). I experimented with painterly styles on the tree but I went ahead and stuck with cell shading on the lotus lake fairy.

Composition was also something that I did my best to pay attention to this time around. Funny enough, I actually drew in the character before I did the background in the new version because I was too pumped for designing the character and pose.

Aaaand…..I think that’s all!

I still have loads to learn in my art journey. I can’t wait to see how I’ll be improving by the day!

Till next time, amigos.

Peace ^.^