Rainy Day Melodies ft. Amruthavarshini Raga & Original Character

Artwork only:

Waaah! This is my first time messing with Adobe After Effects and I wanted to start with something super simple. I am very pleased with the results of it, to say the least! My favorite part of it was adding the flickering lights from the oil lamps!

The character is my original character named Kedarnath. He works as a priest in the neighborhood temple and is a human with magical powers – in this case having the wings and the physical plus sensory abilities of a crane. He loves to chill out in the temple on rainy days and play his veena for the birds that come to take shelter from the storm! What better way to keep out the rainy day gloominess, huh?

The music in this is my own composition, too! Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my veena this time from overseas so I had to find the closest synthetic sound I could to it (nothing can beat the sound of a real veena though!). The birds and rain sound effects were taken from the built in music library on my computer.

The melody, or raga as it is called in Carnatic music, is called Amruthavarshini. It is a melody used to invoke the rains. The first part is the scales for the raga. The second part is me noodling about with the tune to mimic and go along with the rainfall (freestyling the raga if you will!).

I’d love to do more like this but I have a lot to learn, too, in order to make more fancy ones!

A Side Story:

When my veena teacher taught me the song Anandamrutha Varshini by Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar (one of the trinities of Carnatic Music) set in the tune of this raga, it actually rained the whole week! My veena teacher is an extremely disciplined person and she is very sincere to her craft . So I’m not surprised that the rains would actually come for someone who is as dedicated as her who plays this raga. You may say coincidence but it didn’t seem like so to me. Music really is very powerful and I feel really blessed to have witnessed such an event!

Long story short, yes, this raga can summon the rains depending on how dedicatedly (and sincerely) one renders the raga.


~ Inky Chai Dragon (Radha-Sakhi)