Project: Kanakkhi and Co

What is Kanakkhi and Co?

Kanakkhi is the short form of my main characters Kana, Akka and Sakhi, and Co is for company, namely their friends and family.

Kanakkhi and Co is my personal project and is a love letter to the slice of life and fantasy genres, Indian culture, traditions and the strong bonds of family.

Here you will find character sheets, concept art and random doodles (and maybe short animations!?) related to my original characters and the world they live in!

You can follow the blog tag Project: Kanakkhi and Co for most recent updates on the project, behind-the-scenes of character concept art and designs and other fun little trivia about the world and its ever entertaining inhabitants.

PAGE SECTIONS: Character Sheets + Studies | Concept Art | Illustrations | Doodles

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Character Sheets + Studies

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Concept Art

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