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OC May 2020 Week #1 – Princess Mononoke Cosplay!

Hello you lovelies!

I’m hosting my own May challenge this year all centered around original characters (OC)! Given time constraints, I’m always unable to participate in MerMay (popular month long art challenge where people draw mermaids) so I wanted to make my own challenge that I can participate in…

And that is OC May! A weekly art challenge with weekly themes and the main subjects being your beloved OCs!

Week #1 prompt was Studio Ghibli crossover/ Your OCs dressed as your favorite anime or movie characters. Pick either or do both! (You can find the rest of the weekly themes list on my Instagram! I’d love for you to join in, too!!!)

I did a Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke crossover with my OCs! Here it is below!

Original Characters from Left to Right: Sankalpa, Gōpesh, Sakhi, and Nishtha

It’s a perfect cosplay given we got two spirit wolves, a rebel kid and someone with antlers who is an ancient being (though let’s be honest… Gōpesh is too smart for anyone to be able to hurt him! No offense Ghibli’s Forest Guardian ;D)

Yes, they hung little dolls to represent the kodomas! I imagine it took a little finessing to get the branches to stay on Gōpesh’s horns without tilting due to the dolls’ weight (^.^)”

Ahhhhh…. I’m so happy to be able to draw my art children, hehe!

Can’t wait to start on Week 2!

See you then!

Peace ^.^