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Noodling Around with Original Characters – Traditional Ink & Paper

I’ve been in an art and health slump for quite a while now and needed to do something small to keep myself in touch with my creativity. I found that doing small ink doodles like these help a lot both creatively and mentally!

I cut these two little rectangular sheets from an A3 size sketchbook that I haven’t really used much of. Cutting it down really helps me use both the sketch book and break out of my art slump.

These squares are about 10.5 x 15 cm (roughly 4 x 6 in). Not much space to have too much detail but enough space to flesh out something quick and nice! Materials I used were:

  • Snowman (Japan) Drawing & Zentangle pens – size 0.05 to 0.8 nib
  • Sakura Pigma Brush pen
  • Red ink gel pen (local brand I found at the drug store)

Both the inked artworks feature my original characters (OCs) from a personal story series I’m working on. I love fantasy and the fantasy titles of characters! It makes them seem very ethereal but also as a totally tough, intimidating person. So I thought why not give my OCs some cool fantasy titles that fit with their personalities and stories?

This was also a really good break from staring at my computer screen for digital art! Sometimes, all you need is a good ink pen, some papers and the world inside your mind.


~ Inky Chai Dragon (Radha-Sakhi)