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New Year, New Resolutions: Making a Game Plan


Welcome to the first monthly mindfulness of the year! I’m kinda psyched about sharing mindful thoughts and experiences with you as a way to get some insights going. 

Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY a mental health professional or any kind of medical professional! Nor am I giving any kind of medical advice here! I’m just doing a thought dump here and sharing my experience. Please, please seek professional medical aid if you know you need it! 

Here are some helplines to call for assistance

US National Suicide Prevention Helpline: 1-800-273-8255 (24×7) 

India AASRA Suicide Prevention: +91-9820466726 (24×7)

New Years and January of practically every year are resolution setting times. And if you are anything like me, I hate resolutions ever since I found out that everyone hypes you up to do it…but not how to do it. 

Writing down big ideas and goals are cool but how are you gonna achieve it, bruh? Like, what’s the game plan detail? 

There are a lot of videos and blogs and books about this and I’m linking a few of my favorites at the end of this article that deal with organizing your life, helping with resolutions, etc.

One of my favorite methods that I test ran at the end of 2019 and I’m trying out this year is setting my main yearly resolution, but then monthly resolutions that work towards those goals. And then having weekly resolutions that contribute to achieving my monthly resolutions. 

Doesn’t seem too bad now, does it? 

I find it a lot simpler and a lot more manageable than just setting this overarching goal and not knowing how to do it, especially considering I have to deal with recently diagnosed chronic health issues that are unpredictable and working/studying in a toxic work environment (just have to hold on until April for the latter and then I’m free!). 

Let’s work with an example so you can try and apply this concept to your own goals!

Say one of my resolutions this year is to have a healthier lifestyle. Cool. That’s my overarching goal of the year. Now I need to focus on what aspects of my life I want to make healthier. 

One big aspect is dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic pain (it sucks). So, I need to work on making sure the flare-ups are less frequent. My monthly goal then, would be to track how many flare ups I have and make sure it’s less than 5 days a week (I’m being overly ambitious here). 

So then, what do I have to do weekly to achieve my monthly resolution and then my yearly resolution? 

Two big factors are my mental health and my sleep schedule. Both of these are the hardest hit with my chronic pain and the latter in ways contribute to my chronic pain (I told you it sucks). For me, that means changing my daily outlook on life, getting better at understanding myself and how I use my time.

I’m currently trying out a bullet journal to track my mental health each day and write down one good thing that happened that day. It can be as simple as “I woke up and got dressed for school”. Or something like “I got to feed some street cows today!” (I live in India. I love cows. ‘Nuff said). 

For my sleep, I’m practicing some in-bed stretches that help ease fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I’m also in the process of creating a likeable morning routine for myself that would get me up even on weekdays when I have to deal with that toxic work environment (it’s a definite struggle but I ain’t givin’ up!).

I review my weekly resolutions (no blaming/putting down yourself! – only constructive critiques here) and set the next week’s resolution every Sunday evening. 

And tah-dah! Yearly resolution to monthly to weekly manageable bits. 

One huge, huge thing to keep in mind when planning out all of this is: You Will Fail. 

It’s inevitable at some point. 

Heck, I’m already flailing in keeping up with my weekly resolutions for January! I mean, I scheduled everything so that this post would go up last Monday but life happens, yo. 

Key point, though? 

Keep showing up and keep trying! Don’t beat yourself up! 

I know what I have to tweak in my schedule now. I know how to better give time for my health while going to work/school, maintaining this blog and also making art! I’m learning while moving forward at the same time.

Sometimes, you can only learn by failing because that experience and failure is unique to you. But you are still moving forward because you are learning. 

It’s nothing that profound but at the same time it kind of is. We all run at our own pace and that’s cool, bro. 

I hope this helped out a little or gave you some of your own ideas on how to tackle your life goals! 

Till next time.

Peace ^.^

P.S. As promised, here are some videos that really helped me organize my goals: 

TEDx | Mel Robbins – How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Nathaniel Drew | How to Create the Life You Want (And Find Your North Star)

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