Lord Dhanvantari – God of Healing and Medicine

Form of Lord Narayana taken to heal all bodily and spiritual ailments

May Lord Dhanvantari, the form Lord Narayana has taken to heal and remove illnesses of our body and mind, He who glows like the sun and who’s eyes are long and beautiful like the lotus petals, protect us during these times of pandemics and on a regular basis so that we may be fit to serve the Lord and perform good deeds in our daily lives || In His hand, He carries the Amrita Kalasa (pot of healing nectar) to impart onto those who are suffering from bodily and spiritual ailments. May the Lord, Shri Dhanvantari, bring peace to the afflicted inhabitants of Mother Earth. Hare Rama…Hare Krishna…

Below are chants found in the sacred texts that help with getting rid of illnesses, bad luck and any afflictions that may come to the physical body and the spiritual soul and mind:

Narayaneeyam – Daskam 28, composed by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri:

तरुणाम्बुदसुन्दरस्तदा त्वं
ननु धन्वन्तरिरुत्थितोऽम्बुराशे: ।
अमृतं कलशे वहन् कराभ्या-
मखिलार्तिं हर मारुतालयेश

taruNaambuda sundarastadaa tvamnanu dhanvantarirutthito(a)mburaasheH | Amritam kalashe vahan karaabhyaamakhilaartin hara maarutaalayesha 

Translation: You (Lord Narayana) arose from the ocean in the form of Lord Dhanvantari, looking beautiful like a fresh cloud, carrying the vessel of divine, healing nectar in Your hands. Oh, Guruvayurappa! May You remove all my afflictions!

Sri Apāmarjana Stotra, composed by Daalbhya (Vishnudharmottara Puraanam) — chanted to get rid of afflictions of the body and mind:

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Sri Narayana Kavacha, found in the Srimad Bhagavatam 6.8.1-42:

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Hare Rama! Hare Krishna! Stay safe, stay indoors, stay healthy, and most of all…keep chanting!

Peace ^.^