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Inktober 2019 – Week 2 + Week 3

Hello! And I’m back with more Inktober doodles!

(Psst….I’m posting only the doodles I feel happy about so there might be a few days missing in between!)

Here is Week 2 + Week 3 doodles:

Week 2 and 3 Inktober 2019 Collage

Descriptions of each doodle, left to right, top to bottom:

Day 10: Pattern — OC Kana rocking out some patterned designs. I’ve seen art where you only see the character’s non-clothed parts and the rest of their body kind of just blends in (becomes non-existent) into the background….And I wanted to give that art style a try!

Day 7: Enchanted — OCs Akka, Sakhi and Kana with their pets Sankalpa and Nishtha. Akka is very skilled in playing the flute and anyone who hears her play automatically get enchanted by the music. In the evenings, Akka and her family love to listen to her play while basking in the golden hour sunlight on their balcony.

Day 11: Snow — Lion dogs are one of my most favorite Asian aesthetics! They’re just so cute looking with the right amount of intimidating looks! I really wish these creatures were real!!! I would definitely adopt one…or two…

Day 13: Ash — The world my OCs live in reflect Indian and East Asian cultures. The temple of Giridhari-Lala (called Giridhari-Lal Mandir) is a small but frequently visited temple. The deities there are Giridhari-Lala and Giridhari-Lali. I took inspiration from real world temple of Shrinath-ji at Nathadhwara, India, for the deities. Visitors always light two incense sticks when they come, and incense sticks produce a good amount of ash (a subtle way to incorporate the day’s prompt, I know).

Day 14: Overgrown — Gōpesh is a “reverse animagus” (borrowing terms from the Harry Potter universe), meaning his original form is a Himalayan Yak but he takes a more human appearance to help out Akka in the Inky Chai Dragon Cafe-Library. His hair always grows faster than it can be cut which is more of a problem in the spring time when critters tend to shed their fur naturally!

Day 15: Legend — Brother Lion is a very much of legendary figure, especially when talking about the Dark Wars era. His real identity remains unknown. He is a skilled fighter who has no match and is the patron saint for siblings and families, more so for warriors though due to his military prowess and skill in making sure everyone under his command come out alive from any wars/ conflict.

Day 16: Wild — Yeah…I went “wild” with this doodle! The universe of my OCs is filled with spirits and demi-gods. They live in the wild forests that surround the city and villages. The mountain spirits resemble winged giant turtles, who quietly tower over the forests and protect them from harm. Then there are the sky whales, which are ghost-like entities that roam across skies and are in charge of the rains. They are very shy so direct interaction with them is rare. (I’m still world-building about these magical creatures but so far, these two are my favorite ones!)

Week 4 is underway and it’s the final stretch! I’ll see you next week to wrap up this year’s Inktober!

Peace ^.^