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Inktober 2019 – Week 1

Heyo! It’s Inktober time!

While I’m posting Inktober drawings mostly everyday over on my Instagram (@inkychaidragon), I thought for blog purposes, I’d post weekly with all the drawings I did that week. This way I can take my time and talk more about each doodle and process as I like.

Without further ado, here are my Inktober doodles for Day 1 to Day 5!

I’m focusing Inktober around all my lovely original characters (OC) this year and focusing on building them and their backstories up!

Media-wise, I couldn’t help myself from adding digital highlights and shading so it’s mixed media works (traditional inking with some digital art).

Day 1: Ring — The first world wide debut of my OC Sakhi! For this day’s prompt, since Sakhi loves exploring the wildlife, I have her standing in the middle of a fairy ring. Fairy rings are usually mushrooms that grow in a circle and are considered to be portals to the fae world in some cultures. Sakhi will never pass up an opportunity to meet some ethereal beings! (She is one herself, but more on that later heheh ;D)

Day 2: Mindless — What’s more of a mindless act than trying to pour yourself a cuppa in the wee hours of the mornin’? Sakhi usually gets up first in her family and loves seeing the daybreak. But, she also has night terrors sometimes so I guess this was one of those nights and she isn’t ready for the morning! It’s okay! You can do it, Sakhi!

Day 3: Bait — Nishtha and Sakhi got a whiff of some sweet baked goods and are peeping into the kitchen to explore what it is! They just had lunch but can’t wait for snack/tea time. (And my OC Nishtha now has her debut!)

Day 4: Freeze — This is probably my favorite doodle so far for this week. Akka (Sakhi’s big sister) and Sakhi eating berry pops! Of course Sakhi gets a brain freeze since she tends to excitedly scarf down sweet things! I really want to explore more of their relations both in and outside of Inktober…though I have a feeling it’ll be more outside since I’m still developing these two! But OC Akka now has her unofficial official debut!

Day 5: Build — The gold paint (which sadly doesn’t show its shiny self in the scan) was really fun for me to play with on this! It was also the first time I took the bullet and really went in with the ink to darken up areas and give bold lines and shades. Could I have pushed myself more? Probably. But, I’m happy I pushed myself to the limit that I did! This doodle is of Sakhi’s family cafe library, which is built on the ground floor of their house! (Build…building….yeah, I kinda coped out on this one :P)

So far, I feel like I’m off to a good start! I can feel the burnout coming already but no! I will not burnout, because art is fun and I’m learning lots!

Week 2 here I come! See you then!

Peace ^.^