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Inktober 2018 – Day #9


Inktober 2018 – Day 9 — Explorin’

Puppy Mage is back for more adventures! The official prompt for today was “precious” and let’s just say that the flower Puppy Mage is after isn’t the only precious thing in this pic.

Look at her little satchel with all the special flowers and herbs she has collected! I wonder what kind of magic Puppy Mage is gonna do with all this…and why is she after the rare and precious Dragon’s Tear? Good luck, Puppy Mage!

Honest personal review about this piece: I struggled. A lot. With this particular pose. I’m sure there’s still some things to fix anatomically but I am very pleased with the outcome (especially after the struggle fest)! This is my first time drawing dogs with a lot of dedication so I’m happy to know I’m learning now on how to draw ’em puppers.

Also, drawing puppers before bed = best cure for insomnia…!

Day 10 is right around the corner!

Peace ^.^