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Inktober 2018 – Day #8


Inktober 2018 – Day 8 — The Sun King

The official prompt for today was “star” and what is a better star than the sun!?

I really decided to push myself with this one. Originally, I planned on doing something super simple for this, like a sun fairy or just a meteor shower or something. But, as one of my goals for Inktober is to learn and really push my creativity, I decided I wanted to draw an older character as I usually don’t draw a lot of older characters.

And, thus, we have the Sun King!

I kept the color palette limited to just whites, oranges, reds and yellows (the typical sun colors). I wanted to do a lot of detailing on his armor but thought against it as it could make the piece really busy and congested. The sun is a simple but powerful being so I wanted to keep the piece as “uncluttered” as possible.

So, some backstory on the Sun King:

He is a spirit being who lives on the sun (as if that wasn’t obvious) and he has a son and a daughter. His son is the spirit of justice and his daughter is the river of life, both who live down here on Earth.

The Sun King loves to visit Earth whenever possible to see his children but to also make sure life on Earth is going smoothly. That’s why some days are unusually hot than others! The Sun King has come to visit you! You can’t see him as he is pure light and energy, but you sure can feel his presence even on the coldest winter days.

The Sun King looks really intimidating and scary but once you get to know him, he’s pretty nice. Also, he tells the worst dad jokes ever! (He thinks he’s funny but, alas….)

Hope you liked that short little blurb about the Sun King!

Inktober is going strong! Still there is a long way to go till 31 but hey, I’m getting there! See ya for Day 9, my friends!

Peace ^.^