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Inktober 2018 – Day #7


Inktober 2018 – Day 7 — Under Starry Skies

The official prompt for today was “exhausted.” I had so much fun drawing the puppy mage that I had to continue drawing her for today, too!

Puppy mage is sleeping under the starry skies with her best friend on top of her after a long, hard-working day of learning spells and practicing wizarding! And yes, I decided to confirm puppy mage as a girl! (She is still a good boi though!) Now to come up with a name and a backstory for her….

I absolutely love how quiet and calm this piece turned out to be. I feel ambient, nighttime music would go with this piece really well! (I was listening to some earlier so maybe that influenced the mood of this piece?) There is also a change in orientation style from my previous Inktober pieces, if you haven’t noticed, because I finally was able to come up with an idea that would fit in landscape versus portrait.

The inking was all done traditionally while the starry sky in the back and the light ink washes were done in digital. When it comes to inking, I think I like the mix of digital and traditional better over just digital or just traditional. I feel I have a lot more flexibility on what I can do as far as inking techniques go using mixed media. I still have to explore and play around a bit more with this before I can confirm it 100%!

I’m planning on working up a story for puppy mage and her friends so be on the look out for updates on that! (Well, most likely after Inktober!)

See you for Day 8!

Peace ^.^