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Inktober 2018 – Day #3


Inktober 2018 – Day 3 — Durga of the Harvest Season

Running a little behind schedule due to life being life…but no worries! I am determined to catch up and have a whole 31 drawings at the end of this challenge! (And develop that healthy drawing habit/ learn as much as I can about inking stuff!)

The day’s official prompt was “Roasted” and the first things that popped into my head were marshmallows, chestnuts, fire, you know, the usual roasted stuff. But, I wanted to push this prompt a little bit further, so I decided to go with a roasted red color as the center focus for my art.

As for the subject matter, October and November is festival time in India and one of the main upcoming festivals is Navaratri and Durga Puja; so, I decided to honor the Goddess Durga with this piece! It worked out since one of the main colors associated with the festivals and the Goddess is red and the roasted red color scheme can therefore be the central focus as planned for the theme!

I had a lot of trouble starting this piece, mainly because it had been a while since I’ve done characters! I’ve been focusing more on animals and backgrounds lately so this was a nice slide back into one of my favorite subject matters.

Overall, I loved how the headdress and jewelry turned out, and I absolutely adore Her cute little expression! Strong, brave and bold — I tried my best to incorporate these qualities of Her in her pose.

To those of you who celebrate Durga Puja and Navaratri, here are some pleasant wishes in advance! To everyone, though, enjoy this lovely autumn and harvest season, and I hope it’s one filled with joy!

See ya for Day 4, my friends.

Peace ^.^