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Inktober 2018 – Day #11


Inktober 2018 – Day 11 — The Librarian

Welcome to the second third of Inktober! I did not follow the official prompt for today and instead decided to do my own thing. Today’s piece is an original character (OC) of mine! The Librarian! She is Puppy Mage’s best friend and made her debut on Day 7! We only got a glimpse of her then hidden behind a tired Puppy Mage….But here she is now in her full glory!

The Librarian works at the Great Library, a huge, massive library located in the spirit realm somewhere along the Himalayas. She may look around 5 years old but in fact, she is millions of years old (almost as old as time itself)! While wary of any new individual, once she gets to know you, she has a very spunky, creative personality. This is her in her casual clothes (her work clothes are a whole lot more fancier!)

I absolutely adore this character of mine! I know I say that for pretty much every one of my OCs but I can’t help it! I love how cute it turned out and if you can’t tell yet, I am loving that night sky background look for my Inktober pieces.

As usual, the ink washes were painted in digitally along with the night sky background while the line art was all done traditionally. I know I said it’s kind of early to call whether I like this mixed media or not, but I think enough experimentation has been done in that I really like combining digital and traditional, especially for small pieces like this one!

Chugging onwards to Day 12!

Peace ^.^