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Inktober 2018 – Day #10


Inktober 2018 – Day 10 — Like A Cloud

Holy smokes! We’re 1/3 of the way through Inktober! *throws anime glitter everywhere*

Today’s official prompt was “flowing” and I present to you…the Cloud Prince! (Yeah, I need to come up with actual names for all these original characters of mine…end of October is the time for that! *procrastinates like a pro on naming*)

The Cloud Prince is named as such because of the cloudy grey complexion he turns whenever it thunderstorms or rains where he’s at or anywhere in a 10 mile radius around him! Otherwise he is a brilliant yellowish gold with cloudy grey blushies! (You always need ’em blushies…) And in case you are wondering, yes, he is a part of the greater universe that Puppy Mage is a part of!

This character is kind of like a prototype for a secret project that I’m working on! I’ll make it not-so-secret once all the details (*cough* like naming *cough*) are settled. But I’m super hyped about how this piece turned out!

I knew I wanted to do something involving long, flowing hair and feathers for this prompt so it took a while before I said “Heck. I’ll go ahead and do some character prototyping.” I already knew this buddy had some nice, long flowing hair so hey, why not? Gave some fancy peacock feather earrings and put some cloud-like flow mood to the piece and bam! Oh, and some succulents because.

See you around for the next third of Inktober starting on Day 11!

Peace, my friends ^.^