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Fan Art Friday – Studio Ghibli x Harry Potter — Sophie the Seeker


Fan Art Friday – Sophie the Hufflepuff Seeker!

Movies: Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle; Harry Potter

Ahhhh!!!!! I’ve been waiting soooo long to do this piece of fan art! And here it is! I absolutely adore Sophie from the Ghibli movie (if you haven’t seen it – or any other Ghibli movie – what have you been doing with your life?) and Quidditch is officially my favorite sport. So! Of course I had to do a crossover of these two things.

It has been a headcannon of mine in the Ghibli-Potter alternate universe that Sophie is one of the legendary seekers of all time in the wizarding world and she is one of the best seekers yet in the Hufflepuff house. (I’m a Hufflepuff myself so yeah, this may be a little bit biased, haha! Hufflepuff pride!)

I would also love to eventually do all the Ghibli seekers for the other houses (and maybe their entire teams!?) so keep an eye out for that!

It was super fun looking up Quidditch outfits and coming up with a cool looking pose. I am pretty pleased with how the piece turned out!

Peace, my friends, until next time ^.^