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Fan Art Friday — Bungou Stray Dog’s Fukuzawa-san

Yo! It’s been a while since I posted some fan art.

I have caught up with the manga and just finished watching season 3 of Bungou Stray Dogs – aka BSD (will do an Anime Fridays of this beautiful series soon!). Er my gahd, it was so awesome! It was really nice to see my favorite characters again on screen all gorgeously animated and I just had to draw some fan art for it!

There is this lovely moment where Yukichi Fukuzawa-san, a usually stoic and serious character, smiles….and ahhh! It was so cute and precious! I knew I had to do a fan art “study,” if you will, of that moment and this is the result down below:

BSD Fukuzawa Smiling Fan Art

Fukuzawa-san is one of my favorite characters, along with Kunikida and my favorite strong women characters, Yosano-sensei and Kyouka-san!

Back to the art: I now have even more appreciation of the attention to detail and lighting the animators gave to the series just by doing a study of one frame. The study also inspired me to evolve my own drawing style, especially my line art, coloring and how I approach drawing the face. For example, with the line art, the manga illustrator Sango Harukawa uses so much varying line weights, though usually on the thinner side, while the anime uses a combo of thin and thick lines, some which taper from really thick to really thin or non-existent. This really helped me to learn how to control my line art to create different visual effects.

Honestly, after this drawing, I would love to do more fan art and studies of the characters from BSD!

For my BSD fans, I hope you also enjoyed season 3 as much as I did and I will see you here again really soon with more BSD studies/ fan art!

Peace ^.^