Fan Art

Fan-Art: Bungou Stray Dogs’ Ranpo-san

Today’s fan art is Edogawa Ranpo-san from Bungou Stray Dogs (BSD)!

He’s one of my favorites because of his carefree nature and also because he likes sweet things, just like me! He is also another anime character to have square glasses like me so there’s that bias, too 🙂

Also, Ranpo-san is the only one of the Armed Detective Agency detectives to not have a special ability (though he pretends that he does). He’s just naturally smart. But he’s not that cocky about it so I like that as well.

Usually, he is with his eyes in that cool anime closed look, but I went with an open eyed look here just to show off the more soft-side of him! I like both ways, though the open eyed look is better in my opinion.

Slowly making my way through the BSD character portraits! Till next time…

Peace ^.^