Earth Day Tribute: Shriji – Queen of Queens, Artist of Artists


In honor of Earth Day that was yesterday, I decided (with Her blessings) to do a portrait of Shri-ji! I decided to go with a little more realistic art style than I usually do for this piece (aka no button noses or lines for mouths!).

Here is the artwork! (Small story about the artwork follows below the cut)

Shriji – Queen of Queens, Artist of Artists

It is said that the creations on Earth that you see are made by Hari-ji but the beauty and artistic quality of those creations are given to them by Shri-ji. So, whenever you look up at the sky and see it filled with streaks of golds, pinks, and violets, or see an ocean of stars and galaxies, remember that these are Her lovely works of art, a beautiful insert into a world that would otherwise be dreary and dull.

Thus, because She is the Queen of Mother Earth and Mother Nature, it seemed appropriate to honor Earth day with Her!

I loved placing Her in the midst of some bright, colorful flowers and adorning her curls with shiny pearls. It was just really peaceful working on this artwork overall.

Remember, every day is Earth day and we have to look after and cherish this lovely little planet of ours ‘cuz no one else is going to (obviously….I mean…aliens might but no thanks) And, taking care of our little planet also means we get to respect the Divine Artist and Her lovely works!

I hope you all had a lovely Earth day and I’ll see you back here with another art piece real soon!

Peace, my friends ^.^