#DrawThisInYourStyle Art Challenges

Draw This In Your Style Challenge: A Compilation

Hello, friend!

If you are in the art community, I’m sure you have heard of the “draw this in your style” challenge!

If not, basically, an artist posts a piece of artwork, usually featuring some sort of character. Then, you have to redraw the artwork in your own art style (or rather, how you would draw the same piece of work) and post it to social media with the original artwork and any special hashtags as given by the original artist (if none, #dtiys and #drawthisinyourstyle are defaults)!

I find this challenge to be really fun and a test on my limits! It really pushes you out of your comfort zone and you tend to pick up on little skills along the way as you try and replicate the artwork into your style.

Here are all the artworks for this challenge that I’ve taken part in so far on Instagram (most recent to my very first one!):

(You can see the original artwork on the second slide…)

(And the one below is my very first “draw this in your style” all the way back from February 2019!)

Well, snap…my style has really evolved since the first one! (^_^”) I feel I’ve gotten better in anatomy and color since then. But I still have a lot to learn and improve on!

I hope you enjoyed this little compilation of “draw this in your style” artwork! And I can’t wait to participate in and share more of these with you soon!

Peace ^.^