bhagavān idam abravīt:

aho ’tiramyaṁ pulinaṁ vayasyāḥ | sva-keli-sampan mṛdulāccha-bālukam | sphuṭat-saro-gandha-hṛtāli-patrika-dhvani-pratidhvāna-lasad-drumākulam || (Srimad Bhagavatham 10.13.5)

The Lord, Shri Hari-ji, said about the land that is Vrindavan:

“The Yamuna riverbank is very, very beautiful my dear friends, with very soft and clean sand.  It’s filled with everything we need for our sporting and pastimes. The lotuses are in full bloom and are attracting bumblebees to them by their aromas. The birds and the sounds of their chirping echo throughout the forest full of beautiful trees.” (Srimad Bhagavatham 10.13.5)

Thus is the description given of the home and kingdom of Their Lordships, Hari-ji and Shri-ji. A quiet, peaceful village called Vrindavan (Vraj Bhoomi) that exists both in the spiritual and material realms.

The collection of artworks revolve around the inhabitants of Vraj Bhoomi, especially the eternal children, Hari-ji and Shri-ji, and Their friends and families.

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