Happy New Year 2020 – ft. my original characters Akka (center back), Kana (left) and Sakhi (right)!

Woot woot! It’s a new year and the start of a new decade!

I can tell this year is going to be a wild ride as I’ll be turning over a new leaf in my career! I want to focus more on being present and documenting my art journey as best as I can for myself and for other artists/ art enthusiasts.

I’ll be trying my very, very best to be a lot more consistent about posting new articles and artworks here on the blog this year! I’ve got it all scheduled out and ready to go! Now just to do it…. ^__^

I hope the best for myself and for you on achieving the new year, new decade goals!

Best of luck, friend, and I’ll see you back here soon!

Peace ^.^

Inktober 2019 – Short Hiatus on Social Media Posting


Due to unexpected circumstances, I had to put my health and work first. And this means taking a short break from Inktober.

Am I still inking stuff and moving along as I had planned? Yes.

Am I going to update social media and the blog with those stuff? No.

At this point, I’m just doing Inktober privately and enjoying the art for myself. It’s really stressful having to post to social media everyday and with the current situation, that is one additional stress I do not want to be dealing with right now.

It’s okay to take breaks! It’s totally okay to just make art for yourself, art that may or may not see the light of day! (In this case, I think I’ll post at the end of October all the pieces I managed to do and pieces that I actually liked)

It’s a rough time for me right now, especially with exams and other work and health related things popping up out of nowhere.

I may also make a whole blog post/series dedicated to how I’m learning to manage my health along with art….hmmm…

Just tryna get myself back into the groove of things! I hope Inktober hasn’t been too stressful for you.

Till next time, friend.

Peace ^.^

New Blog Topic: Anime Fridays!


I’m excited to announce the beginning of Anime Fridays! What is Anime Fridays?

Well, I’ll be writing a review-stye post about an anime I have seen and liked or about a current anime I’m watching. It’ll be spoiler free to minor spoilers for the most part.

The idea is to introduce you to an anime you may have not seen before just in time for the weekend 🙂

I hope you enjoy this series and get to know about some new shows!

Peace ^.^

P.S. To those of you new to the term, anime refers to Japanese animation shows/series and films.

Happy New Year 2019!

New Year…New Goals! – 2019

Happy New Year 2019, my friend!

It’s a new year and that means time to organize myself artistically! I have a lot of things planned for this year which I am hopeful and eager to accomplish.

My art goals for this year include building up my style, working more outside my comfort zone and just allowing myself to make mistakes. That last one is very important to me, especially since the past year, I rarely allowed myself to make “bad art” and experiment with things.

Can’t wait to get started on this year’s art journey and share my progress with you!

Peace ^.^

P.S. WordPress has just launched their new editing assistant so I’m learning how to use it. Bare with me if things seem a little wonky for a few weeks >__< (I’m trying my best here! :D)