First Lunar Eclipse of 2020 (January)

Hello, friend!

It’s eclipse time! Lunar eclipses don’t get as much attention as solar eclipses but I think both are just as awesome and amazing! Anything celestial fascinates me.

Here is a small homage to the first lunar eclipse of the year (that is also visible here in Asia!):

I drew inspiration for the design from Japanese kitsunes since this moon is also called the Wolf Moon by Native Americans. I love wolves and drawing wolf ears so it all worked out 😀

I’m really happy with myself on how the lighting turned out since I wanted to include the whole “moon gets shadowed by Earth” element in this piece. I’ve never really been adventurous with my lighting and its something I really want to work on this year. And this is my first step with it!

Hope you enjoy this and, if the eclipse is visible where you live, tonight’s celestial happening!

Peace ^.^

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Shri Ramanuja Acharya – My First Artwork Using Clip Studio Paint EX!


I recently got myself (or rather treated myself) Clip Studio Paint EX during their Black Friday/ Winter sale to help with my digital art and comics workflow.

Usually, my cultural custom is that you start anything new by offering it to your spiritual Guru.

And so, here is my humble offering of a portrait of Swami Ramanuja Acharya:

Gurorangri padme manaschenna lagnam | Thatha kim thatha kim thatha kim thatha kim — Adi Shankara (Guru Ashtakam)

(Translation: If your heart does not bow down to and hold dear the holy feet of your Guru, then what is the use (of fame, fortune, wisdom, etc.)?)

Peace ^.^

Artworks Fan Art

Happy Halloween 2019!


I made this little project just for my close friends and family! They have been very supportive of me and my art and they’re just some of the most wonderful and lovely people I’m lucky to have in my life.

But, seeing how much they enjoyed it, I thought I might as well share it on the blog for others to see, too!

I love making people smile with the power of art and storytelling and I hope this little Halloween 2019 project makes your day just a little brighter as well!

(Note: See Part 1 and then Part 2 to get the full experience! — and as always, *please do not repost these images anywhere else!* Thank you!)


PART 1: (click thumbnails for full view)


Happy Radhashtami! – 2019

Salutations to the Queen of Queens, Artist of Artists, the Giver of spirituality and true, spiritual love, and whose Heart is filled with more love than a million mothers! Jai Shri Shri-ji Mauli Maha-rani!

Tapta-Kanchana-Gaurangi Radhe Vrndavanesvari Vrsabhanu-Sute Devi Pranamami Hari-Priye

Artwork of Shriji and Hariji standing shoulder to shoulder

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi! – 2019

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi!

To celebrate, a cute portrait of Ganesha with His uncle, Shri Hari-ji:

Look at these two cuties! They’re so adorable together!

May both Shri Hari-ji and His nephew Ganesha, bless us to be able do anything and everything, to remove all obstacles in the path to doing good and be spiritually enlightened.

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Shri Hari-ji!


Happy Raksha Bandhan and Balaram Jayanthi! — 2019

Oh, man! So many important festivals came on the same day this year!

Today, August 15, 2019 is India’s Independence Day combined with Raksha Bandhan (celebration of sibling bonds in India) and Balaram Jayanthi (the avatar day of Shri Balaram-ji, brother of Hari-ji)!

So…. What better way to celebrate this holy day with this portrait of the Divine Siblings!? (From left to right: Shri Balaram-ji, Shri Subhadhra-ji, and Shri Hari-ji)

May everyone be blessed by these lovely trio!

Hare Krishna! Peace ^.^