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Conquering Same Face Syndrome ft. BTS (K-pop)

Ah, yes, same face syndrome. The bane of any artist’s art life. It’s when all your characters end up looking the same regarding facial features and emotions. It’s annoying and really frustrating to work around in my opinion.

To combat this, I looked up how other artists deal with this and one tip I saw was to practice drawing different people within the same ethnicity. Makes sense because not all people, despite their shared race, look the same. Plus, it helps in breaking stereotypes when drawing people of a certain ethnicity as well (for example, as an asian myself, lemme tell you: not all asians look the same). It’s a win-win on multiple dimensions, isn’t it?

For my first round of practice, I chose the ever popular K-pop idol group, BTS! I chose them also because a lot of my friends follow them and I can play “Guess Who” with them to see if I can capture each singer’s features clearly and if I’m breaking the same face syndrome.

Here is the portraits I did below: (Can you tell who’s who?)

Art Process & Tips

How I Insert Backgrounds on Instagram Stories (Android)

What’s up, my smol dragon beans? Let’s talk social media hacks! (Well, not really a hack as it is about aesthetics…)

I’ve seen a lot of artists and Instagram (IG) influencers posting these beautiful background images on their IG stories, especially when sharing posts.

I’m an android user and almost every tutorial I’ve seen is for iPhones. I couldn’t figure out how us androiders were supposed to be able to do this then.

Fear not, though! There is a sneaky way to do it on android and I would love to share this newfound knowledge with you, too!

First, a big thank you to the few people who figured out how to make these things work with android and shared them with the world. You guys are the heroes we need TT___TT

(This process also applies when trying to put multiple images in one story!)

Here’s what ya gotta do:

Art Process & Tips

Inktober 2019 – How I’m Prepping

Ah, yes. In the northern hemisphere, the weather is turning milder, the days are becoming shorter. Pumpkin spice is filling up the air…and the Inktober prompts are here! (Well, they have been since September 1st 😛 – Here is the link to the official Inktober site, started by Jake Parker: (click here))

Once again, the question arises. Will I be taking on the 31 day drawing and inking challenge in October known as Inktober? 

The short answer is: Yes, yes I will be.  

The longer, more detailed answer is: Yes, but with a heck load of preparation before hand! Let me expand on this further….

Art Process & Tips

Studio Space: A Quick Look


So it was recently share your studio space day (according to Instagram trends) and of course, me being fashionably late to these things, I decided to join in show you my studio space!

Here it is in all its glory:

It’s nothing that impressing honestly. Just a laptop (Macbook Pro 2014), my XP-Pen 16 Artist Pro (that I got only a few months back) and a bunch of sketchbooks in the wall shelf in the back. And of course, all those wires in the far back to keep my electronics up and running.

I am but a simple person 🙂

Also, I think the room I have right now has the worst camera lighting (if it wasn’t obvious enough) since it’s a tube light and it’s on only one side of the room. It’s perfect for non-camera stuff though and doesn’t hurt my eyes so I guess that’s a good payoff? (Sure, why not)

So, yeah, that’s my humble little studio space where I create my stuff. Hope you liked this extremely short tour of my workspace!

Peace ^.^

Art Process & Tips

Art Process – Digital Painting of Lord Nandhi

Digital Painting Process – Lord Nandhi

Hello, hello!

So, I decided to try something new (new for me, that is) and made a short video of my digital painting process of one of my recent pieces. 

I always work my way from base colors to shading to details and I hope this provides a little bit of insight into my art processes! Note: I sometimes break the rule of flow listed and shown here, but hey, ya gotta do whatchya gotta do when it comes to experimenting and stuff!

Peace ^.^

Here is the video below: