Their Lordships Hari Ji (left) and Shri Ji (right)

Happy Radhashtami! Today is the holy appearance day of Mother Radha-Thakurani Ji, respectfully called as Shri Ji. 

To the Queen of Vishuddha Prema, to the Divine Mother, this soul falls humbled at Your Holy Feet. 

~ Hare Krishna! 

Art Challenges Artworks Project: Kanakkhi & Co

OC May 2020 Week #3 – Popular Meme


I realized I never updated my blog here with the art for week #3 from my OC May challenge so here it is in all its glory:

OCs in that one Monopoly game meme

(Characters left to right, background to foreground: Garuda, Datta, Nandagi, Gopesh, Akka, Kana, Sakhi and Chandrasekar)

Peace ^.^

Art Challenges Artworks Project: Kanakkhi & Co

OC May 2020 Week #2 – Air Bender x BSD Cosplay!

Hello! And I’m here again for round 2 of OC May 2020!

I had this WIP sitting in my folder of my OC Akka cosplaying as Yukichi Fukuzawa from Bungou Stray Dogs (BSD) – they almost have the same personality, except Akka is a little more animated when it comes to showing emotions – and was too attached to let it go into the never-gonna-get-done pile!

Week #2 prompts were steampunk or elemental benders. Just having finished Kimetsu no Yaiba where the swordsmen have attacks based on elements like fire and water… I decided to use that little WIP and make Akka into an air bender swordswoman cosplaying from BSD!!!

I know… it’s a lot happening at the same time (^__^)”

Here it is below!

My original character, Akka, cosplaying Fukuzawa from Bungou Stray Dogs, while also being an air bender swordswoman!

I’m a bit behind but fret not! I’ll be posting Week #3 soon!

Till then 🙂

Peace ^.^

Art Challenges Artworks Project: Kanakkhi & Co

OC May 2020 Week #1 – Princess Mononoke Cosplay!

Hello you lovelies!

I’m hosting my own May challenge this year all centered around original characters (OC)! Given time constraints, I’m always unable to participate in MerMay (popular month long art challenge where people draw mermaids) so I wanted to make my own challenge that I can participate in…

And that is OC May! A weekly art challenge with weekly themes and the main subjects being your beloved OCs!

Week #1 prompt was Studio Ghibli crossover/ Your OCs dressed as your favorite anime or movie characters. Pick either or do both! (You can find the rest of the weekly themes list on my Instagram! I’d love for you to join in, too!!!)

I did a Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke crossover with my OCs! Here it is below!

Original Characters from Left to Right: Sankalpa, Gōpesh, Sakhi, and Nishtha

Shri Ramanuja Acharya Jayanthi 2020

This past Monday, April 27th, was Shri Ramanuja Acharya’s Appearance Day (according to the lunar calendar). He is the avatar of none other than Shri Aadhi Sesha, the divine serpent of Lord Hari-ji, and in essence, the Lord Himself.

I humbly pay homage to Him, to Jagadhguru, with this piece:

Without Shri Ramanuja Acharya, Indian culture and Sanathan Dharma would most likely have disappeared thousands of years back. The temple customs and culture seen today wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for Him and His efforts in preserving the divine culture.

He takes on the responsibility as a guru, as an acharya, to make sure souls are liberated and are reunited with the Lord.

Below are two short snippets from His divine pastimes:

Art Challenges Fan Art

#SixFanarts Challenge: Part 1 – The Ladies of Anime

Heya! And woohoo! I’m not super late to a drawing challenge! (^o^)

Currently, as of posting this, there is a fun drawing challenge going on Twitter and Instagram where you draw fan art for six characters and you post them using the template! (Kind of like a fan art meets draw-this-in-your-style challenge)

The trend and template was created by @mcapriglioneart on Twitter.

Here is part one of my contribution to the challenge!