How I Insert Backgrounds on Instagram Stories (Android)

What’s up, my smol dragon beans? Let’s talk social media hacks! (Well, not really a hack as it is about aesthetics…)

I’ve seen a lot of artists and Instagram (IG) influencers posting these beautiful background images on their IG stories, especially when sharing posts.

I’m an android user and almost every tutorial I’ve seen is for iPhones. I couldn’t figure out how us androiders were supposed to be able to do this then.

Fear not, though! There is a sneaky way to do it on android and I would love to share this newfound knowledge with you, too!

First, a big thank you to the few people who figured out how to make these things work with android and shared them with the world. You guys are the heroes we need TT___TT

(This process also applies when trying to put multiple images in one story!)

Here’s what ya gotta do:


Inktober 2019 – Week 4

Before anyone says anything…. Yes, I realize it is almost week 4 of November!!! And I have the guts to post about week 4 of Inktober (October)… What can I say? ^__^’ (heheh) (Edit: I procrastinated on posting this even more so it’s even more late to the end of November now…. But I needed to provide closure for Inktober!!!)

Week 4 for Inktober was painfully slow and due to work/school commitments, I crashed around Day 24 (not bad though! Almost made doodles for a month! It’s still a success in my book).

Here are the doodles (literally just two…wow) I liked from that week!:

Day 20: Tread – Just Sakhi splashing and treading about in magical puddles 🙂

Day 23: Ancient – Garuda is the current generation of the ancient Clan of Talons. All clan members have bird-of-prey wings and wear their hair up in a bun secured by a 5 feathers hair ornament.

Hope you enjoyed my little Inktober doodles! You bet I’ll be doing it again next year, too!

Till next time….

Peace ^.^

Fan Art: Tomioka Giyuu from Kimetsu no Yaiba


Today’s fan-art is of Tomioka Giyuu from Kimetsu no Yaiba (eng: Demon Slayer)!

I’ve caught up with both the anime and the manga, and let me tell you, this is not for the faint of heart or for people who love their characters a lot (the mangaka takes “kill your darlings” of story-writing to a *whole* new level). However, if you can handle some gore, this is a must-check out manga and anime! Story, characters, art….everything is on point!

One of my favorite characters has to be Giyuu!


Happy Halloween 2019!


I made this little project just for my close friends and family! They have been very supportive of me and my art and they’re just some of the most wonderful and lovely people I’m lucky to have in my life.

But, seeing how much they enjoyed it, I thought I might as well share it on the blog for others to see, too!

I love making people smile with the power of art and storytelling and I hope this little Halloween 2019 project makes your day just a little brighter as well!

(Note: See Part 1 and then Part 2 to get the full experience! — and as always, *please do not repost these images anywhere else!* Thank you!)


PART 1: (click thumbnails for full view)