First Lunar Eclipse of 2020 (January)

Hello, friend!

It’s eclipse time! Lunar eclipses don’t get as much attention as solar eclipses but I think both are just as awesome and amazing! Anything celestial fascinates me.

Here is a small homage to the first lunar eclipse of the year (that is also visible here in Asia!):

I drew inspiration for the design from Japanese kitsunes since this moon is also called the Wolf Moon by Native Americans. I love wolves and drawing wolf ears so it all worked out 😀

I’m really happy with myself on how the lighting turned out since I wanted to include the whole “moon gets shadowed by Earth” element in this piece. I’ve never really been adventurous with my lighting and its something I really want to work on this year. And this is my first step with it!

Hope you enjoy this and, if the eclipse is visible where you live, tonight’s celestial happening!

Peace ^.^

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Happy New Year 2020 – ft. my original characters Akka (center back), Kana (left) and Sakhi (right)!

Woot woot! It’s a new year and the start of a new decade!

I can tell this year is going to be a wild ride as I’ll be turning over a new leaf in my career! I want to focus more on being present and documenting my art journey as best as I can for myself and for other artists/ art enthusiasts.

I’ll be trying my very, very best to be a lot more consistent about posting new articles and artworks here on the blog this year! I’ve got it all scheduled out and ready to go! Now just to do it…. ^__^

I hope the best for myself and for you on achieving the new year, new decade goals!

Best of luck, friend, and I’ll see you back here soon!

Peace ^.^

Shri Ramanuja Acharya – My First Artwork Using Clip Studio Paint EX!


I recently got myself (or rather treated myself) Clip Studio Paint EX during their Black Friday/ Winter sale to help with my digital art and comics workflow.

Usually, my cultural custom is that you start anything new by offering it to your spiritual Guru.

And so, here is my humble offering of a portrait of Swami Ramanuja Acharya:

Gurorangri padme manaschenna lagnam | Thatha kim thatha kim thatha kim thatha kim — Adi Shankara (Guru Ashtakam)

(Translation: If your heart does not bow down to and hold dear the holy feet of your Guru, then what is the use (of fame, fortune, wisdom, etc.)?)

Peace ^.^

Conquering Same Face Syndrome ft. BTS (K-pop)

Ah, yes, same face syndrome. The bane of any artist’s art life. It’s when all your characters end up looking the same regarding facial features and emotions. It’s annoying and really frustrating to work around in my opinion.

To combat this, I looked up how other artists deal with this and one tip I saw was to practice drawing different people within the same ethnicity. Makes sense because not all people, despite their shared race, look the same. Plus, it helps in breaking stereotypes when drawing people of a certain ethnicity as well (for example, as an asian myself, lemme tell you: not all asians look the same). It’s a win-win on multiple dimensions, isn’t it?

For my first round of practice, I chose the ever popular K-pop idol group, BTS! I chose them also because a lot of my friends follow them and I can play “Guess Who” with them to see if I can capture each singer’s features clearly and if I’m breaking the same face syndrome.

Here is the portraits I did below: (Can you tell who’s who?)


How I Insert Backgrounds on Instagram Stories (Android)

What’s up, my smol dragon beans? Let’s talk social media hacks! (Well, not really a hack as it is about aesthetics…)

I’ve seen a lot of artists and Instagram (IG) influencers posting these beautiful background images on their IG stories, especially when sharing posts.

I’m an android user and almost every tutorial I’ve seen is for iPhones. I couldn’t figure out how us androiders were supposed to be able to do this then.

Fear not, though! There is a sneaky way to do it on android and I would love to share this newfound knowledge with you, too!

First, a big thank you to the few people who figured out how to make these things work with android and shared them with the world. You guys are the heroes we need TT___TT

(This process also applies when trying to put multiple images in one story!)

Here’s what ya gotta do: