Inktober 2018 – Day #2


Inktober Day 2 – Rainy Day Reading Nook

The official prompt for today was “Tranquil”…and what’s more tranquil than curling up with a warm blanket and pillows to watch (and listen to) a thunderstorm!?

I absolutely love rain and rainy weather. That’s where I find my tranquility, so I wanted to bring that mood in with this piece. Also, mountains, because who doesn’t like a mountain view!? (especially when it comes with a nice little lake as well!)

I loved how the little nook sofa turned out, especially with the accent pillows and the blanket! While the sketch is all traditional in ink, I ended up scanning the piece and added some digital ink wash to create the lighter grey tones. I was unsure about how it would turn out but I’m pretty pleased with the result! (And now I actually want it to rain where I live so I can hear that sweet rainy sound….)

Do you like rainy days and thunderstorms?

See you tomorrow for Day 3!

Peace ^.^

Inktober 2018 – Day #1


Inktober Day 1 РStingray Family

Today’s official prompt from the prompt list was poisonous…and naturally, I had to go with stingrays!

I love how these critters just glide through the water like it is nothing. I also found out while looking up references of these guys that they are related to manta rays but they aren’t the same…? (I apologize to all the marine biologist out there…)

Drawing stingrays was a challenge for me, considering I’ve never really drawn them before. The fact that they are almost symmetrical drove me crazy! I also had to thumbnail a bit more than what I already had done before coming up with the final design. I originally planned to draw them from profile view…that did not turn out so great, ahahahaaa…so top view it was. But, it was all worth it in the end!

I now have a little stingray family in my sketchbook.

Since this day’s prompt ended up as an ocean themed drawing, just going to throw in a little friendly reminder to reuse, recycle, don’t use plastics when possible….and keep our oceans nice and clean!

See you tomorrow for Inktober Day #2!

Peace ^.^

Inktober 2018 Is About To Begin!

Inktober 2018 starts tomorrow! The goal is going to be doing all 31 days this year. This is also the first year I’ll be officially participating in this month long challenge.

I’ll be using the official prompts list with some days being my own prompts. The materials I’ll be using are my sketchbook (I think it’s A3 size?), Snowman ink pens, Pentel Brush pen, and digital medium when possible. I’ve already been thumb-nailing some pieces so I’m hoping it should ease the work load and pressure on doing an ink drawing daily.

Be sure to follow the blog as I’ll be posting all my pieces here with commentary on what inspired each piece.

So, are you ready to get inking? Let’s do it!

Just as an FYI in case you’re wondering….What is Inktober?

Inktober (started by Jake Parker) is a month long challenge in October where artists aim to do one ink drawing per day for all 31 day. That’s it!

You can find the official prompts list and more at:


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