Fan Art

Fan Art Friday – Studio Ghibli x Harry Potter — Sophie the Seeker


Fan Art Friday – Sophie the Hufflepuff Seeker!

Movies: Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle; Harry Potter

Ahhhh!!!!! I’ve been waiting soooo long to do this piece of fan art! And here it is! I absolutely adore Sophie from the Ghibli movie (if you haven’t seen it – or any other Ghibli movie – what have you been doing with your life?) and Quidditch is officially my favorite sport. So! Of course I had to do a crossover of these two things.

It has been a headcannon of mine in the Ghibli-Potter alternate universe that Sophie is one of the legendary seekers of all time in the wizarding world and she is one of the best seekers yet in the Hufflepuff house. (I’m a Hufflepuff myself so yeah, this may be a little bit biased, haha! Hufflepuff pride!)

I would also love to eventually do all the Ghibli seekers for the other houses (and maybe their entire teams!?) so keep an eye out for that!

It was super fun looking up Quidditch outfits and coming up with a cool looking pose. I am pretty pleased with how the piece turned out!

Peace, my friends, until next time ^.^


Redrawing Old Art! – Lotus on the Water


Redrawing Old Art – Lotus on the Water (2018 vs. 2014)

Hello! I was facing an art block in the past week and a half and, boy, was it a creative slump! I felt terrible and exhausted. But, I decided to combat it with a redraw I was planning on doing at some point of my old art from 2014. Honestly, 2014 was when I actually started taking my art seriously, so it was fun to see how much I’ve improved and how long I’ve come since then.

And here it is! The redrawn version (above picture)!

What did the old version look like, you ask? Here is the old one (down below)….


Isn’t that a heck of a stark contrast?! I was super happy and excited to see the progress I’ve made in the last 4 years! Here are some of the differences I’ve noticed and my process with creating the new version.

The old version is one I did traditionally with coffee, graphite and water color. The new one is fully digital. Also, when planning out the new one, I had to use a lot of reference photos to get the anatomy right since I knew the old one had all sorts of wrong when it came to that. (There is also the perspective issue with the old one…heck, I’m just roasting myself on my old art at this point). I still struggle with anatomy a bit these days but I am definitely learning where I am making those mistakes and trying to correct it!

As a little aside, I know that when I was just starting out with art, I thought using references were bad and I had the notion that all poses should come straight from my head. That isn’t the case though! References are a really good way to improve art and get those proportions and perspective right. (Note: Referencing does not mean copying!) Now I use references to make sure any poses that I come up with are proportioned and correct. Yay for referencing!

Color was something I knew I actively avoided for the longest time. I always stuck with minimal coloring (as is evident in my old art) or just went full blast with graphite. This time around, I didn’t want to do that since I am also honing up my coloring skills! And, that’s also partly why I decided to make the new version fully digital (traditional media for colors ain’t cheap, ya know…). I experimented with painterly styles on the tree but I went ahead and stuck with cell shading on the lotus lake fairy.

Composition was also something that I did my best to pay attention to this time around. Funny enough, I actually drew in the character before I did the background in the new version because I was too pumped for designing the character and pose.

Aaaand…..I think that’s all!

I still have loads to learn in my art journey. I can’t wait to see how I’ll be improving by the day!

Till next time, amigos.

Peace ^.^


Happy Halloween! – 2018


Happy Halloween! – 2018 (ft. Puppy Mage)

It’s spoopy time! So, here is a quick digital doodle of Puppy Mage in a classic witch hat all ready for the occasion!

I love Halloween because it’s when you can cosplay and get free candy from people for cosplaying, all while feeling really magical! Sounds kind of sappy but hey, that’s how I see it.

I’m slowly trying to get back into the digital swing of things and am currently trying out new techniques and stuff. I’ll update more as I learn more and get back into digital sketching!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Peace ^.^

Fan Art

Fan Art Friday – Keith (Voltron) Birthday 2018


Fan Art Friday – VLD Keith Birthday (2018) Art!

This kid from the Netflix series Voltron Legendary Defender is one of my spirit paladins! I never realized until recently how much I resonate with this character.

Keith’s birthday was on October 23 so I decided to do a belated b-day art of him.

Regarding the actual art, holy moly this took waaay more time than usual, partly because it’s been a while since I last drew and a long while since I’ve done any fully digital drawings. I had to start over about 3-4 times before I was happy with just the rough sketch! (This is what I get for not doing some warm up doodles before jumping into a full on art piece…) I’m also in a pretty rough place right now with my mental health (due to external factors that are apparently beyond my control) so I think that also has to do a lot with me having trouble bouncing back into the art swing of things. I don’t know, man.

But the end result is worth all the hassle!

I experimented with the background by using royalty free stock photos and blurring them out. I didn’t know if it would work with my hard line art style but I think it fits in pretty well! Of course, I had to add my signature swirlies in the background and on whatever Keith is sitting on as well.

His little ponytail (it’s not his cannon look though it should be!) and the baggy sweater and scarf were some of my favorite details to draw.

Look at the cute little paladin, just chillin’ away 🙂 Happy Birthday Keith!

Till next time, friends!

Peace ^.^

Updates/ Announcements

Inktober 2018 – Update

So… I have finally accepted reality after struggling to find the time to draw in the past couple of days. I have given my best and am really proud as to all the pieces I was able to make for Inktober so far. But, alas! I cannot keep up the daily drawing due to life events of extreme importance (health, exams, etc.) so I’ll still try my best to do some of the remaining Inktober days but for now, I’m coming out of this challenge this year.

Again, I’m really proud of myself for sticking on this far, especially given it’s my first official time participating in this challenge! I learned so much in the days that I was able to participate so I’m really happy! The first and main goal is to have fun and to learn a lot about art and inking, both of which I was able to accomplish each day. I also now know how to work in some drawings in my currently insane work schedule. So, it’s a win for me!

There is always next year and that goal of 31 drawings in October is still there! I ain’t losing hope!

See you around in my other art postings!

P.S. I have some super ambitious projects being planned for 2019 so I can’t wait to announce those things as well, soon!

Peace, my friends ^.^

Art Challenges Inktober

Inktober 2018 – Day #12


Inktober 2018 – Day 12 — Blue Whale Pod

Today’s official prompt got me really excited because it’s one of my favorite subject…”whale”!!!

I absolutely love, love, love whales! They are so majestic and graceful. Their songs are so calming to listen to as well! (I say this and watch those songs translate into something not so calming and polite in whale language!)

I just took a really straight forward approach to the prompt and inked in some whales. I used a combination of traditional and digital media to create the piece. The line work is all traditional pens (and pencils for those rectangular background) and the coloring on the whales and the darkened rectangles are all done digitally.

There’s not really much for me to say about this piece other than that I had a really fun time coloring these cute ocean friends!

Day 13 is on its way! The Inktober struggle is real, man… (But fun, too!!!)

Peace ^.^