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Art Challenge – A 500 Drawing Prompts Challenge

Hello, you lovely people!

After months of just passively watching an art challenge happen, I finally decided to join in!

It’s the 500 Drawing Prompts Challenge that is hosted by Kasey Golden, an arts YouTuber. She follows this big book of prompts and tackles each prompt/ prompts weekly on her channel. You can also join in the fun by tagging her and using the tag #kaseytheprompt on Instagram, Twitter, etc. I believe the deadline for the works are every Sunday.

Last week’s prompt was Saturn’s Rings and Birdcage. And this prompt seemed to be right up my alley for some reason so I decided to finally participate and see what I could come up with.

And this was my resulting art piece:

Roman God Saturn and His Pet Crow

I went with depicting Saturn as the Roman God Saturn wearing some bling rings on his fingers, and having his pet crow (who lives in a birdcage…obviously…) pick some more rings out for him! The pet crow idea was influenced by the fact that in Indian culture, the God of Saturn has a pet crow to serve him as his ride. Since Saturn is associated with agriculture in ancient Rome, the whole pet crow thing worked out better, too (ya know, ‘cuz crows, scarecrow, agriculture….)

I really liked how the piece turned out! It was also one of those rare times of using a warmer toned color palette for me as I always tend to lean towards the cooler tones more, like blues and greens. It was also fun drawing non-human subjects, like the crow.

I hope you like this piece as much as I did! I’m not sure if I’ll do the upcoming prompt challenge or if I’ll do anymore at all (since I run a busy schedule) but keep a look out. Who knows? Maybe another prompt like this one will make me want to squeeze in time to tackle it!

Peace ^.^