Illustrator | Comic Creator | Chai Addict

Email (business-only inquires): inkychaidragon[at]gmail[dot]com

I’m a a self taught illustrator and comic creator with degrees in computer science, math and electronic media. 

My works are heavily inspired by Indian and East Asian cultures and traditions, all mixed in with nature and slice of life aesthetics. There are also many spiritual undertones to my works as spirituality was a central aspect of my life growing up, and it still is now. 

Most of my style is influenced by contemporary Japanese comics, art and animation. 

The mediums used to create my artworks are: 

Digital — Medibang Paint Pro and GIMP, XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro 

Traditional — graphite, color pencils, Indian ink and watercolor 

When I am not making art:

  • Taking walks to local street markets and temples
  • Casual cosplaying + Photography
  • Playing the Indian Flute and Mridangam
  • Reading while listening to instrumental music
  • Spending time with family