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500 Drawing Prompts Challenge – Bonsai & Headphones

Hello, hello!

I’ve been following YouTube artist Kasey Golden‘s 500 Drawing Prompt Challenge and the challenge for this past week were the prompt words bonsai tree and headphones.

I knew I had to participate in this because it was right up my asian-loving art alleyway!

Here is my interpretation of the prompts:

I LOVE bonsai trees so much! My favorite is the banyan tree look alike and the mini flowering ones! My dream is to own a small garden of these one day. It shall happen!

Working with muted earth tone colors was really relaxing in its own way, given I’ve been experimenting with more extreme color palettes lately (i.e. dark blues and blacks, monochromatic, etc.).

I definitely took some major inspiration from Buddha deities for the hand positions. I love how serene it looks. Also, I couldn’t help but add some succulents into the mix in the little “heart cave” area! I love my succulent gardens, too! The headphones branching into a little bonsai was honestly my favorite part. Who wouldn’t want to headphones that feed you back the sound of actual nature? (I don’t know what kind of sounds trees make internally…but that’s kind of an interesting topic! Maybe with these headphones you can listen in to the whispers of trees or the forest?)

Hope you enjoy this piece! Till next time.

Peace ^.^